The National Obesity Rate is at an all time High…

Hi Friends-

I’m going to get right into it- we all know that a healthy diet and exercise is best for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This knowledge is no surprise to us and has been analyzed and evolved over the years to still hold concrete value. So I ask you, why is it that our obesity rate is not only substantially high, but is continually increasing? I came across this interesting report from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index® showing that the obesity rate in the United States is the highest since Gallup and Healthways began tracking and measuring well-being in 2008, from 25.5 to now 27.7%.Gallup Report

Read the article below which explains the severity of this epidemic occurring right here in every state across America…

American Obesity Rates are on the Rise, Gallup Poll Finds

So I ask you, are you on the track to a healthy life or a quick route to becoming a tragic story? People are dying from this disease, and it is so highly correlated to other severe health conditions. I challenge you to stop this epidemic by getting involved in your community, joining a health concsious association, playing with your children, stoping at the gym down the street, and actively making smarter choices. I want you to be proud of the healthy body you’re in, and enjoy what your body can give you.

Hope this has opened some eyes and inspires change:)

Until next time!


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