Finish YOUR Summer with a Bang!

Hello Friends!

It’s hard to believe that over half the summer is gone… I hope all of you have already had some great experiences and made so many memories with family and loved ones. I know I’ve had a summer to remember. Between graduating college, starting a new career, moving, visiting with friends and meeting new ones, attending summer concerts, and traveling to places I’ve never been… this summer has been nothing short of amazing! Not to say I haven’t had a lot of short comings and huge changes in my life some not so great… But I’ve been extremely conscious of my days and filling them with people and places I care about. Sadly, I don’t think we can always look back at our past week, month, or even year and say that. BUT, I want us all to! Think outside the box and fill your precious time with measures of laughter, joy, and LIFE. We still have 9 whole weeks of beautiful weather to enjoy until the calendar years deems us ready to nestle in for the cold change. Not to say Fall and Winter don’t have perks, I do love myself a Badger game and hot coco. But I want to challenge you to do something different that you can do now and only now. Stretch your summer so that you can look back and be proud of your time spent and not time wasted.

I want to hear all about it! Comment back with your memories.

Until next time Friends~



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