Watching What We Eat, and Opening Our Eyes

Hi Everyone! I haven’t posted in quite some time, and wanted to open discussion up to eating healthy and how this concept has evolved over the years. I recently came across this article showcasing the franchise, Subway and how the business model is plummeting.

Subway Going Under?

In terms of health, the public has caught onto what healthy truly means and how to look for certain things when eating out. I’m not sure about you, but there are soo many sandwich places to choose from, Subway isn’t always my number 1 pick. Now a days, I’m looking for gourmet sandwiches that and are healthy and unique. Although Subway started the “fresh” concept of eating, I don’t think it’s evolved into what fresh truly means to a consumer. We have become SMART about what we put into our mouths, and educated on what is actually good meat and veggies, and what isn’t…

What are your thoughts? Do you still LOVE Subway and choose it as your main sandwich stop? I know a lot of this decision making has to do with location too. Comment on here to share your insights.

Hope everyone has a happy week:)


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