For those of you preparing for the end of the academic school year, or for those of you looking for a new self spring- cleaning, you’re looking for change. I think in order for change to occur, the awareness and objectives need to be well identified and approachable…

The first step is to set appropriate time aside for yourself to de-stress. Whether you de-stress by exercising, or enjoying a night out with friends make sure you find a way to de-stress in a moderately healthy way. Personally, I find relaxation in exercising. It really allows me to block out any problems in my life, and focus at the task at hand whether that be teaching a fitness class or going for a run.

Once you have established your much needed change and de-stress approach, you need to fully commit to that change and your YOU time. How I view it is, that I have a goal and that is to be the healthiest person I can be for others. In order for me to be that person, I need to stick to my goal and allow for my time to de-brief. With that being said, figure out what your goal is and what motivates you to stick to your goal.

Stress creeps into everyone’s lives, I hope with this post you have at the very least focused on the importance of allowing YOU time and that necessary steps need to be made for change to occur.

Hope this helps! Have a happy and healthy weekend.


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